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Yummy Holiday Baking Recipes Without the Sugar Guilt!

Yummy Holiday Baking Recipes Without the Sugar Guilt!

It's that time of year again. Pumpkin pie, oatmeal cookies, derby pie, Apple Pie, PUMPKIN BREAD! – you can almost taste them now, right!?  … okay, sorry.  We probably just made you very hungry, didn’t we?

Here’s how we’ll make it up to you: by sharing four great websites chock-full of delectably-sweet, moist, and tempting recipes you can look forward to making.

Each uses only natural sugar substitutes (or no sugar at all), and are designed keep your palate pleased, and your dentist smiling. So, fire up your oven, and let the baking begin!

The Best Advice Always Comes From Mom 

After Brenda Bennett’s children were diagnosed with food allergies, and her own intolerance for dairy and gluten became more unruly with each passing year, this mother of three decided to take a radically different approach to home baking.

It must be paying off, considering she's the de-facto voice in sugar-free cooking online. Check out the bounty at:

Sweet & Skinny 

Marisa Churchill knows a thing or two about healthy cooking. The classically trained “Top Chef” and Food Network star has been cooking since she was old enough to reach the stove.

Her website will also keep you busy with ideas for fall. You can check out her recipes here.

Oh, Pinterest, How We Love Thee 

There's hardly be a more tempting site to visit when you’re hungry than Pinterest.

Rows and rows of every imaginable type of food – properly plated and photographed by the best food stylists on earth. It all looks so good.

So why not actually cook some of it? We’ve got a collection of recipes that’ll whet your appetite right this moment: have a look!


A health site with enough chutzpah to borrow its name from Muhammad Ali must have a few good recipes for baking without sugar, right?

They do.

Thirty, in fact.

Check out their wonderful list of “30 Sugar Substitutes for Any and Every Possible Situation,” and thank us later. There are some real gems in there!

We hope you enjoy the recipes!