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Who Says "Trick or Treat" Is Just for Kids?

Who Says "Trick or Treat" is Just for Kids?

While many think of Halloween as a day reserved just for children, many adults with an invite to a Halloween party this month will get their own chance to put the costume on and have a little fun when the street lights come on this October 31st.  With that in mind, we thought it wise to suggest a few minor precautions for you to consider so no harm may befall you this All Hallows' Eve.
  • First! Consider your costume: You may not think a Halloween costume could be the cause of a dental emergency, but it does happen. And, one of the more common injuries seen in the dental emergency room the week of October 31st is a cracked or chipped tooth. Why? Because people trip over their tails, their big giant clown shoes, their antique wedding gowns, and anything else that can get in the way of good vision … like a mask, for instance.  If you're wearing a costume you haven't donned since last year, be aware of your surroundings, and tread carefully. Alcohol can make matters worse, so be aware of this the night of the party and be safe.
  • Avoid the candy bowl: Let's face it, in most offices candy is everywhere as it is, and if you have children, your house is either now – or soon will be – littered with candy from their own Halloween bounty hunt. So pass over the candy bowl, and instead snack on cheese and meats any chance you get. Meats and cheese are good for your teeth and keep salivation going strong so you can enjoy the night without polluting your teeth with candy for hours on end. Munching on snacks like these will also keep food in your stomach – another benefit you'll appreciate later if you enjoy any adult beverages.
  • Go easy on the fake teeth: A lot of costumes come to life with a good set of “scary teeth.” The only trouble is, if you're wearing them all night long you’ll end up with red and sore your gums next day. Cheap plastic teeth will most certainly irritate your gums if you keep them in too long, particularly if you talk with them. Give your mouth a regular rest throughout the night and ditch the plastic fangs every hour or so. Also, be sure to drink water to keep your gums hydrated. Again, alcohol is not your friend with fake teeth, because it dries out gum tissue making it more prone to irritation.
Have a fun, safe Halloween, and get ready for the cold … November is right around the corner!