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Tooth Friendly Treats For Your Candy Bowl

Ever wonder what your dentist hands out on Halloween? Chances are they dive right into the candy fun! There’s no reason to bring trick-or-treaters a bowl of toothbrushes and a side of tears on their favorite holiday.

However, not all candy is created equal. This year, why not try some teeth-friendly options to hand out. All are dentist-approved (but still fun!) and we’ve got great options for you!

First, let’s talk about the Halloween treats that tend to be worse for little ones’ (and your) teeth.

Halloween Treats That’ll Drive your Dentist Batty

  1. Lollipops – A lolly pressed against your teeth for all that time is a recipe for cavities.
  2. Bubble gum – If you must, go with sugar-free (but see our note below!)
  3. Caramel – You might as well have a lump of sugar plastered to your tooth!
  4. Gummy candy (especially the sour ones) – The acid in these wears down your enamel.

Fear not, though! Here are some teeth-friendly treats that are kind to your little ones’ teeth.

Great Alternatives for the Candy Bowl

  1. Chocolate – Chocolate-lovers rejoice! Chocolate tends to rinse more quickly off teeth than the sticky/gummy stuff. Plus, dark chocolate has antioxidants and fiber!
  2. Individually-wrapped snacks – Think crackers, pretzels, even pureed fruit pouches. You can usually find these in bulk. If you don’t get too many trick-or-treaters this year, at least you’ll have some snacks stocked up!
  3. Gums, candies, and lollipops made with sugar-alternatives (not artificial sweeteners) – Glee Gum, treats made with stevia, and Zollipops are just a few we found.
  4. Mini bottles of water – Trick-or-treaters and their parents will thank you for providing hydration for their adventures!
  5. Dollar store trinkets (not quite edible but still a treat!) – Spooky spider rings, mini Slinkies, bouncy balls. Kids will get excited when they take a “prize” that stands out from all the other trick-or-treat swag.

There you have it! A couple ideas to make this Halloween a little less cavity-inducing. Your neighbors and your kiddos (maybe when they’re older) will thank you!