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Three Summer Tips from Your Doctor

Three Summer Tips From Your Doctor

June 21st marks the day when, with a little tilt of the Earth’s semi-axis, the Earth leans a wee bit closer to the sun and ushers in … what those of us in the northern hemisphere have been looking forward to for a long time … Summer! Yeah! Off come the jackets, and out comes the sunscreen, the picnic baskets, sports gear and whatever makes you happy this time of year.  And that’s not all! June also brings with it Father’s Day, International Children’s Day and Fruit and Vegetable Awareness Day. Who knew you could squeeze so much fun into just 30 days? With that in mind, let’s check out a few dental centered tips you can chew on while you’re soaking up the sun.
  • Cover those lips! Speaking of sun, we all know to use sunscreen to protect any exposed skin we might be flashing while outside, but how good are you at protecting your lips? Most women might already have this covered with lip gloss, but for you guys out there, don’t forget to protect your kisser. Cancers of the lip are just as deadly as any other type of cancer, and as you might imagine, terribly disfiguring. So, polish up your lips with as high an SPF as you’d like this summer and be safe!
  • Don’t sip all day long: With the summer heat you’re going to want to stay hydrated, and water is your best friend. But, if you’re not the biggest fan of water, and prefer tea, juice, or sports drinks, try to refresh yourself with these belly busters in moderation. Not only do the sweet versions have tons of sugar, but also the constant sipping of those sugary beverages keeps your teeth bathed in cavity-inducing carbs. So, rinse with water in between sips if you can, or at least follow up a sweet beverage with plain water. You’ll feel more full and avoid the sugar and acid bath that juices, teas and sports drinks bring along.
  • Fire up the grill: Meats and vegetables cooked gently over the fire not only smell terrific, but are great for your teeth as well. Meats and vegetables help to re-mineralize your teeth and aid in the support of healthy bones.
Summer will be over before you know it, so get outside, enjoy the sun, get your Vitamin D, enjoy the water if you can, and have fun with your family. With Father’s Day AND Children’s Day in the same month, it’s happy times for the whole family – no matter the size!