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Limited Oral Evaluation, Problem-Focused - Dental Procedure Code Description

In spite of a vigilant oral care routine and regular adult cleanings or pediatric cleanings, there are some instances where you may find yourself having to visit your dentist to address a specific dental complaint or problem. In these instances, your dentist will perform what is known as a limited oral evaluation.
In contrast to a comprehensive oral exam, which is recommended when visiting a new practice, or if there has been a substantial change in your health history since your most recent visit, a limited oral evaluation is designed mainly to address the acute problem you are experiencing. This dental procedure code addresses such a visit.
Such issues may include:
  • an oral lesion or wisdom tooth eruption;
  • dental emergency;
  • traumatic injury;
  • or, an acute infection
During an examination, your dentist will perform a visual search, and possibly a more detailed examination using bitewing X-rays or a 360° panoramic X-ray, if you are experiencing pain stemming from an area that cannot be immediately be identified.
Depending on the diagnosis, you may undergo treatment immediately following this evaluation, or be scheduled for a follow-up visit to further complete the necessary care routine.

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