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It’s School Nurse Day This Month!

School nurses do so much, but how often do you tell them you appreciate them? After all, they calm down Little Johnny when he feels sick at school, they wipe up various bodily fluids, and may even be asked to administer an EpiPen® injection to a child whose life is at risk. And, wow, that’s a tough job, right Mom and Dad!? So, why not show them a little love this year (and every year, for that matter) by showing your gratitude on May 7th, School Nurse Day!

Three gifts school nurses will love:

We looked online, found forums, and heard from school nurses themselves. And, believe it or not, school nurses report preferences for things you’re likely to be very, very familiar with. So, that’s not to say you can’t get all original and skim Pinterest for unique ideas, or offer up a day pass to the local spa, but these were the top three:
  • Gift cards: If there is a stand-out gift item to offer school nurses, gift cards are definitely it. Among the most suggested gift card ideas, those for local restaurants were a popular favorite, along with cards for shopping at Amazon, and coffee shops. A note on coffee cards, though: while a favorite, nurses who aren’t coffee drinkers said they unfortunately end up giving those away. So, using your imagination is probably your best bet, and if you can, get to know your nurse so you’ll have an even better idea as to what you can gift!
  • Food:  This one was a toss-up, but some nurses did love the idea of homemade goodies. Before going into a baking or cooking frenzy, though, be sure to check with your school about being able to offer such gifts. With schools being mindful of food allergies (particularly in the nurse’s office) this sort of gift-giving may not be allowed.
  • Gift Baskets: Pre-wrapped allergen-free gift baskets of fruit and meats can be a good stand-in for home-made goods if you want to go the food route. There are all sorts of choices to be had, and, again, if you’ve become familiar with your nurse and know their affinities, this can be a great way to personalize your gift.
So there you have it! Three great gifts sure to please any nurse in any school: nursery, grammar, junior high, high school and college … wow, that’s a lot of nurses! Have fun, and be sure to thank them the next time you meet up! You won’t believe exactly how many amazing interactions they have with your children as they grow up!