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Dr. Terri Zweber Dentist Read Bio

Terri Zweber D.D.S. earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Western Washington University. She then went on to University of Washington School of Dentistry, where she graduated in 2002. Dr. Zweber spent many years as a dental assistant and as office staff at Zweber Family Dentistry prior to attending dental school. She is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, and has received honors for her work with children.

Tania Office Manager Read Bio

Tania started with Dr. Zweber in 2010 as a dental assistant. Over the years she has shown an interest in all aspects of running the practice. She has been right there with the office through all the growing we have done. She is trained to do all jobs in the office and does not hesitate to help out at the front desk or in the clinic when she is needed to make sure that all the patients are cared for in a timely manor. Thanks to her, the office runs smoothly and we all get out on time for lunch an...Read More

Stefanie Dental Assistant Read Bio

Stefanie came to us in 2011 as an intern from dental assisting school. She was so much fun to have around, we didn't let her leave. She is now on her third maternity leave and we always anticipate her return after her 7 months off. Even though she is only here 2 days a week, [she plays mommy the other days] she is always ready to help with whatever project needs to be accomplished. Her ability to quickly learn and incorporate new ideas and techniques into our crazy schedule makes having her arou...Read More

Mila Dental Hygienist Read Bio

Mila joined us in 2017. Prior to that, Dr. Zweber had always done the patients' cleanings. As our hygienist, Mila has allowed us to accept more new patients and given Dr. Zweber more time to work on restoring teeth. Mila is always ready to educate patients on some new technology that we have or new research that has made dental care better. She loves to help patients with their home care and preventing gum disease. Just ask her questions about it and you will hear all about what she has recently...Read More

Mariya Patient Care Coordinator Read Bio

Mariya joined us in 2014. After a brief sabbatical in 2017, she returned to us. Her great smile and helpfulness is a joy to all of her coworkers and the patients. She exudes kindness and nothing makes her happier than making sure every patient thoroughly understands not only what needs to be done for their oral health, but also what their dental benefits will cover. Being fluent in Russian/Ukrainian helps her to communicate with our many patients who need an interpreter. Having someone of her ca...Read More

Jesse Dental Assistant Read Bio

Jesse came to us in 2017 to be an assistant for the hygienist and help Mariya at the front desk. When she joined us, she was finishing up her pre-requisite courses to attend Dental Hygiene school. She will begin her training December 12, 2018 at Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene. When she completes her education, she plans to return to us so that we will have two hygienists to take care of all the cleaning appointments and home care training. It has been our pleasure to help her along in her c...Read More

Alexis Dental Assistant Read Bio

We have known Alexis since she was 14 Then, in 2017 she started working with us as she works on her pre-requisite courses for Dental Hygiene school. While continuing to work on her courses she has become an excellent assistant not only for the hygienist, but also to fill in with Dr. Zweber when Susan needs time off. She will soon be off to Dental Hygiene school and we will be awaiting her return to help in the hygiene department with expanded hygiene functions.

Vixen Dental Assistant Read Bio

Vixen has spent the last couple of years shadowing Dr. Zweber with the goal of attending Dental School and becoming a dentist. Since Spring quarter 2017, Vixen has been able to train as an assistant to replace Jesse as she heads off to Dental Hygiene school. She has quickly picked up the skills needs to do the job and is proving to be a great fit for the rest of the team as well as for the patients. It will be great to have her help as a dentist when she completes Dental School.

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