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Dr. Lucas Merrell Read Bio

Dr. Lucas Merrill was born and raised in Rockwell, North Carolina where he and his wife, Tinsley and their two boys, Landon and Keegan, live today. Dr. Merrell is a graduate of Campbell University and attended Dental School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, but don’t worry, we still take good care of our patients who are Duke fans, too! Dr. Merrell unashamedly claims Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation as his favorite movie and golf as his favorite form of exercise. It’s common...Read More

Dr. Raymond Lassiter Read Bio

A Davidson graduate, Dr. Raymond Lassiter, says his claim to fame is his family and his proudest moments have been the weddings of his daughters. Born in Burlington, North Carolina, he and his wife, Martha, currently live in Salisbury. They have two daughters, two sons in law, and two grandchildren. Dr. Lassiter enjoys watching Andy Griffith and says if there was a movie made about his life, he’d want to be played by Andy Griffith himself. He’s known around the office for being a wealth of k...Read More

Dr. John Kesler Read Bio

Dr. John Kesler is known around town as “so and so’s” father or grandfather and that’s just fine with him. He and his wife, Cathy, have three children and five grandchildren. They live in Faith, North Carolina, and enjoy the annual Fourth of July Festivities that come along with living in the town. Although not everyone considers yard work hobby, Dr. Kesler does. He also enjoys hiking and long walks in the woods with his dogs. When asked why he chose the dental profession, he claimed, “It’s...Read More

Office Manager - Les Merrell Read Bio

Les Merrell, Dr. Lucas Merrell’s brother, is the office manager and the one you can count on to sing you “Happy Birthday” on your special day (whether you want him to or not!). Les and his wife Aimee live in Rockwell, North Carolina with their two children, Noah and Reese. Les spends most of his free time working in his family’s vineyard and making wine. He’s also a talented landscaper and makes Italian meatballs that rival his wife’s Italian grandmother’s dish. If he could learn to do anyth...Read More

Hygenist - Robbie Zink Read Bio

Out of the entire staff, Robbie Zink has been in the dental field the longest. She attended Central Piedmont Community College and calls her job as a hygienist her calling. Robbie is originally from West Virginia, and she and her husband, Jimmy, now live in Rockwell. If her life was made into a TV movie, she’d want to be played by the Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies. Her proudest moment was when her sons became Christians and her favorite book is the Bible. If she’s got some free time o...Read More

Hygenist - Tenille Watts Read Bio

Tenille Watts may be a South Rowan graduate, but she’s traded her red for orange and is now a Carson Cougar fan. Maybe that’s because her oldest daughter can be found on the sidelines cheering every Friday night. She and her husband Chris were high school sweethearts and are now raising their three kids in China Grove not far from where they grew up. If you’re looking for Tenille on the weekend, you’re gonna need a map! She enjoys traveling and can be found camping on Carolina beach, cruisin...Read More

Hygenist - Morgan Meadows Read Bio

Morgan Meadows is our resident Yankee, hailing from Up State New York, she now lives in Mooresville, North Carolina with her husband and their two young sons, Cever and Bowen. Although she’s not a huge sport’s fan, she roots for the Tarheels and the Seahawks because of peer pressure in the office and among friends. She enjoys playing outside with her boys and watching their creativity come to life. When asked what she enjoys doing in her free time, her response was, “free time???”

Hygenist - Anj Majithia Read Bio

Anj Majithia was born and raised in Charlotte, NC and has the longest commute to the office. That’s okay, though, because she loves her job and feels “at home” with her co-workers. Anj is a part of a large, close-knit family with whom she loves spending time. She admits that she is known for taking selfies and enjoys “fun runs” like the Electric and Color Run she participated in this year. On Thursday night, you can find her glued to the television watching her favorite guilty pleasure, Scan...Read More

Assistant - Alisha Walker Read Bio

Alisha Walker lives in Rockwell, North Carolina with her husband and children, Carson and Kennedy. She is an East Rowan Mustangs fan and enjoys attending her childern’s sporting events. From an early age, Alisha loved the dentist, so it’s no wonder that the RCCC graduate chose dental assisting as her profession. Her favorite movie is Sweet Home Alabama and she’d like Reece Witherspoon to play her in a movie about her life.

Assistant - Jayme Miller Read Bio

Jayme Miller is originally from Salisbury, North Carolina and she and her husband, Chris, now live in Rockwell. She has two daughters, Sydney and Reese, and says they are her proudest accomplishments. Jayme enjoys Tarheel basketball, Carolina Panther football, and Atlanta Braves baseball. She’d never admit this, but she’s a great singer. She sounds like LeAnn Rimes but doesn’t share her talent with many. If she goes missing, we’re gonna start the search in Nashville!

Assistant - Paula Jordan Read Bio

Although Paula Jordan loves her job as a dental assistant, her favorite job is being MacKenzie’s Nana. She and her husband, Scott, live in China Grove and have one daughter, Whittney and one son-in-law, Shane. Paula enjoys working in the yard and getting crafty with a little inspiration from Pinterest. Paula has a beautiful voice and sings in her church’s choir. If she could learn to do anything, it would be to play the piano. The song most played on her iPod is Amazing Grace.

Assistant - Karen Britt Read Bio

Karen Britt is originally from Chesapeake, Virginia and now lives in Salisbury with her husband and two children. In her spare time, she enjoys taking walks and traveling with her family. Like Dr. Merrell, she has a thing for Christmas movies, claiming “any Christmas movie” is her favorite. Her favorite quote is “If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it” and she faces every day like she believes it!

Assistant - Lela Fisher Read Bio

Lela Fisher was born and raised in Faith, North Carolina and is still lives in the big town of 800 residents. She is engaged to be married, but she’s no bridezilla. Her best memory is when her fiancé, Tyler, proposed in Charleston. Lela enjoys hunting, camping, and spending time on the lake. She’s a South Carolina, Gamecock fan and admits to cheering for Duke, even though she’s highly outnumbered in the office.

Insurance Coordinator - Denene Brown Read Bio

Denene Brown will make sure that your visit gets handled properly. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, it’s probably because she answers to many names: Denise, Deana, Rena, Jolene, and Kooter to name a few. When Denise isn’t pulling for the Tarheels (per Dr. Merrell’s request), she enjoys antiquing, crafting and reading fiction. Denene shares a birthday with Sandra Bullock and would like to have her play her in a movie about her life. Although she loves her job, this is her second calling; D...Read More

Receptionist - Paulette Deal Read Bio

Paulette Deal is the one who’ll greet you at our door. Her claim to fame is taking care family, so you can be sure she’ll take good care of you. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Richard, and her grandchildren or reading anything by Nicholas Sparks. She loves going for walks and doing anything outside, but if she could learn to do anything, it would be how to swim.

Receptionist - Wendy Cook Read Bio

Wendy Cook was born in Salisbury, North Carolina and still lives there with her husband and two children. Her proudest accomplishment is the birth of her children, and she enjoys spending her spare time hanging out with them. Although Wendy is a super picky eater, she recently found a Mexican dish she enjoys at Los Arcos and since this is Dr. Merrell's favorite, that’s a good thing. She has the most pleasant disposition, and the phrase "couldn't hurt a fly" was coined for her.

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