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Lauren Billings Insurance Coordinator Read Bio

Lauren processes treatment plans and insurance benefits for all insurance carriers that we bill. She is your best advocate when appealing insurance claims and advocate for the patient's needs. Have an insurance question? Call and ask Lauren, she's a wealth of helpful information. Mighty Mouse is what she is.

Estela Koontz Office Administrator Read Bio

Estela is the problem solver in the practice and is always looking for ways to engage patient discussion and interests. Want something changed? She will investigate in great detail the issues and come to a resolution for you. She is the voice that will return emergency calls and answer the phone after hours if she's still in the office. If you've ever received a call in the evening, good chance it was her!

Robin Combs Clinical Lead Read Bio

Robin is our dental assistant team leader. She has OCD and demands everything to be in complete order, no excuses! Want your house organized? I'm sure Robin can help you. She is a great example of do it right every time! She provides motivation and encourages each one of us to keep it moving! Go Robin.... we love you!

Annette Haberdash Dental Assistant Read Bio

Annette is the office worrier. Yes she worries for everyone. Sweet as honey, you'll always see a warm smile on her face, she is the office anticipatory and works very hard to make patient's feel loved and welcomed. Need a little encouragement? Annette is your gal!

Valerie Campbell Top Notch Hygienist Read Bio

Val has been doing hygiene for many years! She is the office medical encyclopedia for germs, bacteria, diseases, harmful chemicals and details about research and techniques. If you have a question about a dental product, bring the box of ingredients, she will brief you in detail. She will make sure the explanation is completely complete!

Mary Tolley Top Notch Hygienist Read Bio

Mary is our holistic specialist! Yes, the herbal Queen of the office. Have a headache? A sore knee? Stressful day? Mary can help you out, She has massaging techniques like no one else in the office. Mary is definitely not contrary.

Barry Herman DMD General Dentist Read Bio

Gotta a good joke? So does Dr. Herman! The office joker, Dr. Herman has a witty comment or joke to make you smile. Often called the Herminator by his staff, he is a jolly dentist with a chillaxed approach. Easy going and can play a mean game of solitaire!

Gregory Schrumpf DDS General Dentist / Owner Read Bio

Dr. Schrumpf, often called GAS due to his initials being so. We have a great time with Dr. S, gentle and soft spoken will address things you didn't know about. He has an eagle eye for small details and while your lost in the forest, he's got a microscope and studying the veins on a leaf! He has a talent for finding the error or culprit quickly and very precisely! No one has anything on Dr. Schrumpf!

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At Schrumpf & Herman Family Dentistry we strive to provide our patients with the best and most complete dental care. Our doctors and staff frequently attend continuing education seminars to learn the latest dental techniques. Here are some of the services we provide, please click here.

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